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Focused on Designing Your Next Cutting-Edge Brand Strategy

In building your brand, part of the job is identifying and emphasizing the very distinctness only your company can offer. At Mercedes Findlay Consulting, we have a team of passionate marketing experts dedicated to delivering out-of-the-box solutions that define your brand’s authenticity and individuality. This way, you can stay on-track with your company’s business goals without struggling to create a voice for your brand.


Be Heard, Be Seen, and Be You

Work with specialists who always go for gold. Our team performs a thorough study of your company’s profile to align a specific set of strategies that are laser-focused on meeting your goals. This helps us ensure we curate tasteful and applicable ways your brand can create relevance in the eyes of your audience.

Our Specialty

Content Marketing

Staying true and relevant is a round-the-clock job that requires your brand to be up-to-date with today’s trends. Our job is to keep your voice distinctly your own, while delivering fresh updated content.

Content Writing

From formal writing as in mission statements and grant proposals to more colorful pieces such as in blogs, emails, newsletters, social media posts, sales and marketing copies, and presentations, our team can paint the big picture you need. Drive traffic, generate leads, and raise visibility with a piece that represents you.

Media and Public Relations

Assemble a smart and well-written play on words without starving your readers for quality content. Our specialists uncover the heart of your story and craft pitches that resonate with the times, the media, and most importantly, your audience.

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  • Smart and Simplified

    Harness the power of media, quality content, and digital marketing to elicit your brand’s ideals. Our goal is to attract a following, convert these into leads, and delight your clients. With a laser-focused team of dedicated individuals, we won’t stop until your goals are within reach.

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    See what’s possible for your brand. Whether you’re based in Canada or overseas, you can contact our professional team for a no-obligation chat.